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Thomas Grill
World Construction, Variation: Empty Vessel

“Vernazza, Italy, is a small village in the Cinque Terre region, situated on the rugged Ligurian coast. The town’s church, Santa Margherita d’Antiochia, built in 1318 directly on the harbor, opens its entrance to the main square, Piazza Marconi with cafes and access to the town beach. When I visited the church in the summer of 2005, its door was wide open, inviting all the everyday noises from outside: the chatter of people sitting in the cafes, the yelling of market vendors, children’s noises of playing at the beach, etc. And all those noises would be captured, reflected and transformed by the church hall’s architecture to become a wonderfully sweet and unholy turmoil of sound occupying the large space, only most vaguely reminding of the noises’ external origins.” – Thomas Grill

World Construction, Variation: Empty Vessel is part of an ongoing series of site-specific compositions and sound installations. It will consider May’s raw, industrial interior as a vessel to resonate noises leaking in from the outside. The title is a reference to Alvin Lucier’s work Empty Vessels, which amplified the resonances that were created within empty bottles due to outside sounds. Grill’s project appropriates sounds from May’s environs and then reconstructs them in May’s concrete space through the use of loudspeaker arrays and subwoofers.

May gallery & residency
World construction, variation: empty vessel
Thomas Grill

Opening reception
October 11th, 7:30pm – 11pm
Second Friday

Exhibition runs October 11th through November 23rd

Artist round table
October 12th, 3pm
at May gallery & residency

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Thomas Grill is a Vienna-based media artist and researcher of sound, with particular focus on electroacoustic performance. 

Grill’s works range from interactive audiovisual installations to instrumental compositions and improvisations. Grill studied technical physics in Linz, as well as computer music and electronic media in Vienna and Graz and then received his doctorate in composition and music theory at the University for Music and Performing Arts, Graz. He currently develops open-source media software and is a Postdoc researcher at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI).

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